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Announcing our “BLUESart” Contest

Mar 31, 2022

Blueshift, a new capital-efficient AMM digital exchange protocol based on Liquidity Portfolios with low price slippage, low impermanent loss, and high APR on investments, is announcing the “BLUESart” Contest!

Blueshift has always been imagined as a community-driven project where the community will have the right to vote on crucial utilities of the protocol such as portfolio management. Now is the time to show the strength of our community in this Creative Contest!

Your task is simple — to create the art, which can be anything from some sort of design to a video or gif, based on the Blueshift protocol, and follow the rules to win valuable prizes.

As Blueshift has recently collided with the OccamX and Milkomeda as the very first harbingers of the newly formed DeFi galaxy that is called ‘OneGalaxy’, you can also focus your art on the ‘OneGalaxy’ storyline.

The Contest will last until next Thursday!

What do you need to do?

The rules are simple; first, you need to Like and Retweet our Twitter Post about the contest, follow us on Twitter and join our Official Discord Channel!

Then, when you finish your awesome creations, you will need to post them on Twitter using the right hashes, which are — #BLUESart, #Blueshift, #Shifters, and #OneGalaxy.

What are the prizes?

After that, we will choose 3 of the best creations and present them on our Twitter Page where you will be able to vote for the best one. The winner of the Contest will be awarded with the place in Blueshift Ambassador Program, 500$ worth of BLUES tokens, and a sticker with the winning visual. For the second and third place, we will be awarding 300$ and 200$ in BLUES tokens respectively.

Let’s go creators, show us your skills.

Good luck to everyone!