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Introducing TangleSwap to the Cardano Startup Index

The Cardano Startup Index spotlights the most exciting new ventures in the Cardano community, aiming to boost their presence across different blockchain networks. The Index offers exposure for these startups…

Feb 12, 2024

Sunsetting Milkomeda Algorand A1

With the recent announcement from the Milkomeda team that the Milkomeda Algorand A1 Rollup is being shut down, it is with a sad heart that the Blueshift Algorand A1 integration…

Dec 25, 2023

Blueshift - Retrodrop is finished - article square

Retrodrop Reward Distribution and Campaign Recap

The Blueshift Retrodrop in partnership with Memecorn, a meme coin launchpad built on Milkomeda and Maxwell Token ($MAX), the first meme coin to launch through their launchpad, has come to…

Dec 22, 2023

Understanding Blueshift’s Yield Pool

On the Blueshift’s decentralized exchange, there are two yield pool options: Auto HODL and Manual. This article will go through the differences to give you a better understanding of which…

Dec 15, 2023

$70,000 in ADA and MAX ​​Retrodrop on Milkomeda Cardano

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Retrodrop: Participation Opportunities: We are committed to distributing a total prize pool of $70,000 in ADA and $MAX tokens among 1,000 participants demonstrating the highest…

Dec 1, 2023

Introducing Syrup Pools on Blueshift: A New Way to Earn in DeFi

Blueshift is excited to announce the launch of Syrup Pools on our decentralized exchange (DEX), offering a novel approach for users to earn rewards. Traditionally, liquidity providers (LPs) on DEX…

Nov 15, 2023