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BLUES token holders will be able to participate in decentralized portfolio management by voting for adding / removing tokens and changing their weights. It will also be possible to exchange BLUES tokens for the protocol fee on special decentralized auctions.


There are several uses of the Blues token across our ecosystem, including:

Gas token for transactions on the BluesChain, used for paying transactions and other costs associated with using Blueshift over the BluesChain

Base token across our portfolios to facilitate trades between portfolios diversifying the liquidity of the index token.

Incentive and rewards token for liquidity providers for farming and for the various yield pools

Future governance token for our decentralized exchange


The key advantage of Blueshift's tokenomics is in its gradual unlock schedule, protecting from pumping and dumping.


BLUES price


Circulating BLUES supply


Token holders


Become A Holder

You can easily become a holder of the BLUES token by purchasing it from various exchanges including: