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Cardano Startup Index Launches on Blueshift, Showcasing Promising Projects in the Cardano Ecosystem

Mar 21, 2024

The Blueshift team are happy to announce the launch of the Cardano Startup Index, bringing together various startup projects on Cardano including TangleSwap, NEWM, and DACAU of the Djed Alliance. This comprehensive index enables users to track the price movements and performance of emerging startups within the Cardano ecosystem. Additionally, it empowers the Cardano community to participate in the index’s growth by holding a stake in it. 

Blueshift’s followers may recall that we already have the Cardano Index among our top-performing indexes. The distinction between the two is that while the Cardano Index includes established projects such as NMKR, VyFi, and Cornucopias, the Cardano Startup Index is created to showcase the most promising new projects in the Cardano landscape.

Learn More About the Projects

It was a true collaborative effort to bring the index to life from our and Cardano communities, from the Milkomeda and Blueshift teams, and, of course, from the featured projects that can now officially be seen listed in the Cardano Startup Index on

TangleSwap is a user-friendly DeFi protocol integrating seven applications across multiple chains. It tackles industry challenges like profitability and scalability, with a focus on security. Central to its offerings is an open-source DEX, complemented by a range of DeFi solutions Here is what TangleSwap thinks about joining the Cardano Startup Index:

The Djed Alliance is a collaborative and decentralized collective with a shared commitment to supporting the deployment and integration of the Djed stablecoin protocol across various blockchain ecosystems. As a true alliance, Djed sees our partnership going both ways:

Last but not least, NEWM brings its innovations into the music industry with a decentralized platform on Cardano blockchain. Artists control their work, earning fair compensation instantly. Fans engage directly, supporting artists through purchases and streams. Unique features like NFTs offer exclusive content ownership. NEWM fosters collaboration and community, reshaping music consumption and empowering artists and fans. This opens new ways for collaboration between Blueshift and NEWM, for example, through the creation of custom playlists on Blueshift!

Here is how NEWM feels about being shortlisted:

Accessing the Cardano Startup Index

You can easily access the Cardano Startup Index by visiting our website at 

From there, you can navigate to various areas, including token swaps and liquidity provisioning. Whether you’re interested in $VOID, $NEWM, or $DACAU, you can seamlessly trade these tokens against ADA, or any other tokens available on our platform.

Our underlying cross-chain protocol BluesChains can even facilitate cross-chain swaps between Cardano C1 and Polygon, bringing a new level of interoperability for these emerging projects.

Providing Liquidity to the Cardano Startup Index

For those looking to provide liquidity to the Cardano Startup Index, simply visit the portfolio section on our platform. Expand the Cardano index, and you’ll find a user-friendly interface to contribute liquidity in any of the tokens within the index. You have the option to provide liquidity with a single token or a combination of tokens from the Index.

Our website offers detailed tutorials to guide you through this process along with the rewards for liquidity provisioning.

Boosting Your Rewards

To further enhance your rewards, consider locking in your LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens within our farms. By doing so, you can earn additional Blues tokens. Just head over to the farms section, scroll down to the Cardano Startup Index, and choose to stake your LP tokens. You can harvest your rewards at any time and, if you prefer, stake your Blues tokens in extra yield pools to earn even more within the Blueshift ecosystem.

We’re excited to introduce this new index within the Cardano ecosystem on the Blueshift decentralized exchange. This achievement was the result of collaborative efforts over the past months with our partners and supporters. 

Overtime as more promising projects emerge, we will be adding more projects to the Index to better grow and track Cardano’s startup ecosystem.

For more information, please connect with us on our social channels, including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Find all the links in the show notes below. Join us in exploring the exciting opportunities within the Cardano Startup Index on Blueshift!