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Blueshift — Discord Referral Competition!

Mar 15, 2022

As a way to kick start our newly created Discord and award our users, we are thrilled to announce Blueshift’s Discord Referral CONTEST!

The discord referral competition is a way to drive more traffic towards our Discord server.

We will be awarding the top 5 referrers with $500 prize pool:

  1. $200
  2. $125
  3. $75
  4. $50
  5. $50

Discord is a nice way for us to interact with the community. We have multiple suggestions and support channels where you as a community member can reach out to us, so please feel free to do so.

How it works:

  1. The competition will start on the 15th of March!
  2. You will need to create your own invite link to our Discord. Then proceed by inviting your network and all of your friends to the Blueshift Discord server. You can check your invites in the #invite-tracker channel!
  3. At the end of the month (March 31st) between 1–3 pm UTC we will check the leader board and the Top 5 become eligible to claim their reward.
  4. Invited friends can also take part in the competition after entering the channel and creating their own invite link.

How to create an invite in the Discord Server:

  1. Join our Discord:
  2. In the top left click on the name of the Discord server
  3. Click on invite people
  4. Create a link that will never expire and has no limit on the number of uses
  5. Copy your link and send it to your friends!

Also shown in this video:

How to check your invites:

  1. Go to the #invites-leaderboard channel in our Discord
  2. To check the leader board type /leaderboard invites (Shown in this video:

This will show all your invites.

Please Note:

  1. No fake or bot invites will be counted and you are not allowed to promise any rewards for joining. Reports of such behavior will result in expulsion from the competition.
  2. Admins will not participate but will monitor the contest and will disqualify users acting in bad faith. Good luck!
  3. The Referred Account needs to be older than 3 days for the invite to count.