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Join the Blueshift’s Polygon Incentivized Testnet: Help Improve the DEX and Get Rewarded

May 11, 2023

Blueshift, as a cross-chain portfolio-based DEX, strives to enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem by facilitating seamless interactions among various blockchain networks. The platform’s upcoming expansion to the Polygon blockchain represents a significant step forward in its mission to strengthen cross-chain interoperability. By integrating with Polygon, Blueshift not only gains access to a thriving ecosystem of dApps and partners but also provides users with a faster, more cost-effective, and developer-friendly environment for cross-chain transactions. This move demonstrates Blueshift’s commitment to fostering a truly interconnected and versatile platform, enabling users to manage and trade assets across multiple networks effortlessly.

As Blueshift is gearing up for its launch on the Polygon blockchain, the platform is seeking the help of its user community to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. To incentivize users to test the platform, provide valuable feedback, and help uncover potential bugs, Blueshift has launched an incentivized testnet campaign, offering a reward pool of 3000 $BLUES tokens. 

The feedback period will be open until the 22nd of May, 2023 and feedback can be sent via the feedback form: 

This article will guide you through the process of participating in the testnet campaign and the best practices for providing useful feedback to earn rewards.

Step By Step Guide to the Blueshift DEX on the Polygon Testnet

To participate in the Blueshift incentivized testnet campaign, follow these steps:

How to Use the Blueshift DEX on Polygon

Total Time: 30 minutes

Set Up Metamask

Setup your MetaMask wallet for the Polygon testnet: Ensure your MetaMask wallet is configured to work with the Polygon testnet. You can find guides on how to do this online or on MetaMask’s official documentation.

If you connect your wallet to the Blueshift DEX on Polygon Testnet, there will be options to automatically configure your wallet for the Polygon Testnet. 

Fill in the following details:
Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
Chain ID: 80001
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Connect to the Blueshift DEX

Visit and connect your MetaMask, NuFi or WalletConnect wallet to the Blueshift DEX.

Fund your wallet with Test tokens

Polygon Testnet Faucet

Visit the Polygon Testnet Faucet. Paste in your address to the faucet website and get some test MATIC tokens sent to your wallet for swapping on the DEX.

Perform a swap

Blueshift Swap Tokens

Test the platform’s swapping functionality by exchanging one token for another.

We recommend that you swap MATIC for BLUES on the testnet. There may not be enough liquidity of other tokens for testing purposes.

Provide liquidity

Add liquidity to one of the available pools on the platform to test the liquidity provision process.

You can try various tokens that you may have swapped for. There may not be enough liquidity in terms of test tokens for this process.

Test other functions

Explore other features and functions available on the Blueshift DEX.

Please note that the DEX is on the Polygon Testnet environment and speed times may differ compared to mainnet usage.

How to Provide Good Feedback for Rewards

To qualify for the rewards, participants must provide useful feedback that the Blueshift development team can use to improve the DEX. 

Examples of valuable feedback include reporting UI issues, identifying typos, or uncovering bugs. 

All feedback is audited and graded. Blueshift will not provide rewards for basic or low-effort feedback such as “Good DEX”, “Not enough liquidity for swaps” or “Works well.” The aim of the testnet campaign is to engage users who are genuinely interested in testing the platform, discovering issues, and reporting them to help improve the overall user experience.

You can access to feedback form here:

Feedback will be accepted until the 22nd of May 2023.


By participating in Blueshift’s incentivized testnet campaign, you have the opportunity to contribute to the platform’s success, help uncover and resolve potential issues, and earn rewards in the form of $BLUES tokens.

As the Blueshift community comes together to ensure a smooth launch on the Polygon blockchain, this testnet campaign demonstrates the power of collective effort in the cryptocurrency space. Join the testnet campaign today and help shape the future of cross-chain interoperability with Blueshift.