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Upcoming Blueshift Milestones

Jun 28, 2022

With the Cardano Native Token Portfolio Campaign announced and in full steam, everyone is wondering what is the next big Blueshift milestone achievement.

Let’s dive right into some of the upcoming Blueshift milestones and what they bring to the crypto ecosystem.

Cardano wallet integration

A huge development milestone will soon be reached by Blueshift!

By the end of June, Blueshift users will be able to use the Blueshift UI and their Cardano wallets to bridge their CNT assets and then perform swaps, liquidity provision and staking!

The Cardano wallets selected to be integrated first are Flint, Nami and Yoroi! Other wallets might be integrated as well in the future, if the Blueshift community demands so.

The primary idea behind the Cardano wallet integration is to provide a more user-friendly experience, which is one of Blueshift’s priorities.

With the new upgrade, Cardano users will no longer need to leave the DEX’s UI to utilize the benefits of the Milkomeda chain.


Blueshift’s DAO is intended to be used primarily for the management of liquidity portfolios.

However, the DAO will be also used to control the minting and burning schedule of $BLUES and all other important ecosystem matters such as LP rewards.

Liquidity portfolio managers, selected by the DAO, will become councillors that aim to fill the portfolios they are managing with high-quality assets that ensure portfolio and TVL growth.

Each change in the portfolio itself will have to be voted on by the DAO community.

To be able to participate in Blueshift DAO voting processes, individuals or organizations will have to have their BLUES tokens staked in the yield pools.

Professional portfolio managers selected by the DAO will get revenues in BLUES tokens based on the performance of their advice. The managers will be selected and replaced according to their performance.

New liquidity portfolios

New Liquidity portfolios will be added by the Blueshift Team — to provide even more possibilities and options to Blueshift users. Likewise, with the addition of every new liquidity portfolio, the Virtual Pairs possibilities grow exponentially.

Portfolios that will be added will include the following types of portfolios:

  • Indexes, such as tokens of “top 10 ecosystems” or “metaverse”
  • Verticals, such as gaming, football, music, or education
  • Organizations, that have their own branded portfolios with bundled tokens
  • Technologies, such as oracles, smart contracts, AR/VR, or NFTs
  • Special tokens, such as newcomers or rising stars
  • Blockchain-specific, i.e. Cardano Liquidity Portfolio ($ADA, $REVU, $WMT, $BLUES, $MELD…)

Liquidity portfolios will be consistently added by the team until the DAO is online. After the DAO has been deployed, the $BLUES holders will vote on the creation of new liquidity portfolios. The $BLUES holders will likewise decide on each and every portfolio change.

Cardano Native Portfolio

As a Cardano-first DEX, Blueshift will found a new liquidity portfolio filled with cryptocurrency tokens of high-quality Cardano projects. This will not only increase the exposure of well-deserving Cardano projects, but also increase the liquidity of the tokens involved, and likewise provide Blueshift users with additional LP options.

As the Cardano ecosystem and Blueshift grow and mature, Blueshift users can expect more Cardano-specific Liquidity Portfolios popping up on the Cardano-first DEX.

Advanced trading and liquidity analytics

Advanced trading and liquidity analytics UI will allow users to visualize each portfolio’s performance history such as TVL, trading volume, fees, LP token price and token price of listed tokens.

The team hopes that the users will be able to achieve more profitability with their transactions — with the help of such a User Interface.

The User Interface has been in development before the Blueshift technology was deployed in April and it is expected to be deployed by July.

Further Cross-chain integrations

Cross-chain integration is not only necessary because of the practicality it provides but it is also important because with integration — Blueshift can also increase adoption and, thus, stay on the growth trajectory to come out ahead over the long term.

Blueshift already has access to Cardano and Milkomeda blockchains, while other blockchain integrations are coming up.

Some of the chains that are currently being considered to be integrated in the future are Avalanche, Solana, Arbitrum, BSC and afterward — other EVM-compatible chains to be integrated into the Blueshift platform.

Distant Developmental Milestones

There are two distant development goals set out by the Blueshift team, however, the majority of the milestones will be set by the BLUES holders themselves, once the Blueshift DAO is online later this year.

The distant development goals set out by the Blueshift team are Cross-chain swaps which will manifest multi-chain functionality for Blueshift users and external protocol integrations which will provide lending, leveraged swaps and other functionalities.

Further chain integration should not be considered as a milestone as implementing other blockchains into the Blueshift platform will be in constant pursuit by the Blueshift team. This will ensure that the Blueshift platform becomes a truly boundless crypto ecosystem that is not limited to any chain

The only DeFi ecosystem that will and should thrive is a well-interconnected one, and that is exactly what Blueshift is building — together with its community.

The trust placed in the Blueshift community by the Blueshift team is immense. Find out why and join the Blueshift Discord.