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$70,000 in ADA and MAX ​​Retrodrop on Milkomeda Cardano

Dec 1, 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Retrodrop:

  • Prize Pool: $70,000 in ADA and MAX for 1,100 participants.
  • Hosted By: Blueshift and Memecorn, key players on Milkomeda C1.
  • Low Costs: Minimal gas fees on Milkomeda for cost-effective participation.

Participation Opportunities:

We are committed to distributing a total prize pool of $70,000 in ADA and $MAX tokens among 1,000 participants demonstrating the highest on-chain activity. The distribution of rewards will be proportional to their level of activity.

Additionally, an extra $1,000 in MAX tokens will be allocated to the 100 most active participants in the Zealy campaign.

End date: December 20th.
Distribution date: December 22nd.

Different Ways to Participate in the Retrodrop:

  • Engage in daily tasks on Zealy for rewards, more tasks may be added so be sure to check back.
  • Join the $HAPPY Initial DEX Offering on
  • Conduct trades among BLUES, ADA, and MAX tokens on
  • Add liquidity to the Meme Index pool on
  • Stake Meme Index tokens in the Farming section on
  • Perform a cross-chain swap of MAX for MATIC on the Polygon network via

Start participating at, search for the Meme Index and start trading and providing liquidity to get a share of the $70,000 prize pool.