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Introducing Syrup Pools on Blueshift: A New Way to Earn in DeFi

Nov 15, 2023

Blueshift is excited to announce the launch of Syrup Pools on our decentralized exchange (DEX), offering a novel approach for users to earn rewards. Traditionally, liquidity providers (LPs) on DEX platforms, including ours, receive rewards in the form of the DEX native tokens, such as our $BLUES token. This model is widely adopted across the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

However, with Syrup Pools, we’re enhancing the rewards system. Participants can now earn a variety of assets, making the rewards more attractive and versatile. A prime example of such a reward is the popular token $ADA, among others. This diversification in rewards not only benefits liquidity providers by offering them assets of their choice but also provides projects with more opportunities to incentivize participation. Projects can now reward LPs with their native tokens, fostering a more engaging and rewarding ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to kick off this initiative with our latest campaign in collaboration with the Meme Index. In this campaign, we’re giving away an impressive $10,000 USD in ADA tokens. This is an excellent opportunity for both individual participants and projects looking to reward and grow their communities.

For projects interested in leveraging Syrup Pools to offer additional incentives to their community, we invite you to get in touch. Our team is ready to assist in the development and implementation of a Syrup Pool tailored to your project and community needs.

Join us in exploring the potential of Syrup Pools on Blueshift and discover a new dimension in liquidity pool farming. Your journey in DeFi innovation starts here.