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Blueshift User Interface Evolution

Jul 15, 2022

User Interface is the primary driving force behind the User Experience.

Likewise, User Experience and the benefits of a specific technology or innovation is directly related to the technology’s adoption as well as the speed of the adoption.

Hence, it can be said that the User Interface of a digital product is one of the most important segments that determines the product’s success or failure.

The Blueshift team is very well aware of this fact which is why User Interface and User Experience have been one of the top priorities since the beginning, alongside the development of technological innovations aimed to benefit users.

Let’s dive deep into every facet of Blueshift’s User interface evolution!

User Interface update May 14th

Just over one month from its launch, Blueshift DEX got its first big UI revamp that contained significant improvements. These improvements were primarily a result of the community, Shifters’, feedback.

The changes are summarized in the following list:
– improved branded portfolios UI
– improved fixed auto-updates of portfolios and farming UI without reloading
– improved withdraw loading error
– improved input validations
– improved transaction pending/success/error notifications
– improved add liquidity / withdraw calculations
– added BLUES token price / total supply / contract info
– improved LP token price in the farms tab
– fixed the link leading to explorer for wallets
– added rounding for no fee limits in add liquidity / withdraw
– fixed Wada instead of milkAda showing in swaps
– fixed canceling transaction
– block max button when zero balance

User interface update June 21st

Approximately one month after the first User Interface (UI) update a new one has arrived. Whilst the first update was focused on making the Blueshift user’s experience flawless, this update was aimed at expanding the possibilities that can be undertaken through the user interface.

After the update took place, it became possible for Blueshift users to add liquidity to portfolios in a significantly easier way, as well as enabling single-sided liquidity provisioning without price impact!

The ‘easy liquidity mode’ allows users to provide liquidity by specifying an operation amount in USD and the smart algorithm would in turn calculate tokens for the user at a minimal price impact!

The Blueshift team also added the TVL infographics on the Farming and Yield pools page to visualize the smart minting goals. Likewise, the team implemented convenient buttons to automatically add new tokens to a connected Metamask wallet in the swap and portfolios UI as well as branded portfolio badges in the Farming UI.

User interface update June 25th

As opposed to the last two which were either focused on making the experience flawless, or expanding the opportunities that can be undertaken via the DEX — this update was deployed to increase practicality.

From June 25th and onward, users can now very simply connect their Metamask and use the Blueshift DEX — without first configuring the Metamask wallet for the Milkomeda network.

The update also contained a software improvement that enabled the Farms UI to load three times faster!

Upcoming update

Many great things are coming to Blueshift, and our collective DeFi journey has just begun!

The first upcoming UI update will bring the Smart liquidity provider referral program, which will reward Shifters that bring new Liquidity Providers into the soon-to-be multichain ecosystem.

Finally, as per the roadmap — the Blueshift team is already working on the Advanced trading and liquidity analytics which will include charts representing price history as well as a separate tab for transaction’ history.

Users can also expect integrations with External Protocols and dApps which will enable lending, leveraged swaps, and other possibilities — flawlessly implemented into the Blueshift UI.

Another great addition to the Blueshift platform will be the UI revamp that offers token bridging from Cardano to Milkomeda through the Blueshift UI. This will be made possible by allowing users to connect their Cardano wallets to the Blueshift DEX.

Make sure to keep up to date with all the updates and follow Blueshift’s Twitter.

Likewise, everyone is welcome to join Blueshift’s fantastic Discord community!