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Cardano vision and Lighthouse SPO mission

Aug 5, 2022

Those outside the ‘Cardano world’ mainly know Cardano for its slower peer-reviewed approach and large and extremely dedicated community that ‘wins’ every Twitter poll.

Aside from that, Cardano is an unknown landscape with mystery goals and subprojects for outsiders. The main culprit of this phenomenon could be pinned on dishonest media and crypto influencers who take every opportunity to misrepresent an already proven technology that has come far and has unfathomable potential.

This article will not speculate why this has and is occurring. Instead, this article will attempt to bring closer the vision and ideals upon which the new financial system is already being built — both in a general sense and through a specific example.

Hence, both Cardanians and non-Cardanians will learn something new, important and interesting through this article.

The Foundation

The founding vision set forth by its founder, Charles Hoskinson — is quite simple. We ought to create a new financial system that will be the order of the magnitudes more efficient than the current one, wherein this new financial system is to be fully inclusive and decentralized — without small interest groups ‘holding all the strings’.

Some might argue that this is indeed the vision behind most cryptocurrency projects. Unfortunately, however, almost all fall from this path sooner or later, some technologically, others by serving the interests of small groups of people instead of serving the interests of the community.

Cardano managed to remain efficient as it has scaled and continues to scale — with affordable fees and mostly bearable congestion whilst maintaining a high level of decentralization and ZERO downtime.

With Atala PRISM, which is now being rolled out in a massive country-scale program in Ethiopia, Cardano offers digital identity to every person on the planet, which can be leveraged to improve people’s lives significantly.

Cardano’s vision resonates with most human beings as it transcends the goal of ‘just’ creating a new super-efficient monetary system. It resonates because it offers that which is inherently human. It offers selfless collaboration, inclusivity, equity, and unity.

Blueshift Following the Cardano Way

The Blueshift team chose Cardano as the first chain to launch its token precisely because of the vision set forth by Charles Hoskinson. Regardless of the multichain future that awaits Blueshift, Blueshift will always be Cardano first.

Two months ago, Blueshift embarked on a journey to strengthen the Cardano ecosystem by supporting micro stake pools, which will make the chain more decentralized.

There is, however, another great benefit behind supporting micro stake pools. Many stake pools, including micro ones still struggling to be profitable for their delegators — perform an important function in the ecosystem.

Let us closely examine one shining example of the micro stake pools mentioned beforehand, which recently received a delegation from Blueshift.

Lighthouse Stake Pool Mission

Many Cardano stake pools provide a portion of their block rewards and fees to charity, and the Light House Stake pool is no different. LHS is somewhat unique in the sense that this stake pool provides a staggering 50% of revenue to charity. Other stake pools do so — but they are quite rare!

LHS team goes a step further with their selfless mentality, as their primary focus is providing clean water villages in a little African country called Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Even in the 21st century, many villages still do not have drinking water, and the people are forced to walk miles to the nearest water source. To make the matters worse, this water source is often unclean, and even though it provides water — it often causes diseases.

That is why the LHS stake pool has prioritised constructing wells for villages within or near the vicinity of the villages — depending on the underground water position. Water is the foundation of life, and clean water is the foundation for health. That is why the LHS mission is so important!

This mission is being carried out with the help of a local partner who is part of a larger organization called Aleimar. Aleimar is a medium-sized organization that runs several projects to help women and children. LHS contributes to the “Water for all” program, and this collaboration has already resulted in one well being built! Plenty more to come! Just remember to stake with LHS!

Let’s do some math to realise the power of the Cardano ecosystem.

The LHS stake pool has, at the current moment, a total of 150k $ADA staked to its pool. If this number increased to 3M ADA, with average block validation luck, LHS could fund life-changing water well for a large group of individuals — once a month!

The life-changing benefits of the wells built in collaboration with Aleimar go beyond ‘just’ the extremely important health benefits of ingesting clean water that is not infested with parasites.

The immense time and effort spent transporting water from the water source to the village can then be used for other activities, such as farming and weaving baskets — further opening up opportunities for the Malawian citizens.

Be the change

To conclude, when a person uses the Cardano blockchain, they are not just supporting and funding the construction of a new egalitarian and super efficient monetary system, and they are also directly supporting many charities that inexpressibly change the lives of many individuals across the globe.

With the collective ADA that Blueshift accumulates on our DEX, we can help support more mission-driven pools to make a change and positively create an impact. Simply provide liquidity to our milkADA related pools, and help us create that impact.