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Pepe Worlds: Unleashing Creativity w/ Blueshift & NMKR!

Oct 23, 2023

We at Blueshift, in partnership with NMKR, are thrilled to introduce a campaign that’s bound to shake things up and spread a wave of creativity: The Pepe Worlds. At its heart, this initiative is all about embracing the lighter side of things, even during the bearish times in the market. And what better way to do that than with our beloved Pepe?

The Concept

Waiting for the market to rise can be a tad tedious, right? Why not make the wait worthwhile? We’re calling upon the entire community to show off their creative flair. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an artist in the making, or just someone who loves to play with ideas, this campaign is for you.

The task? Place our Blueshift Pepe’s in imaginative settings, be it on a sunny beach, amidst a space odyssey, or even at a bustling bazaar in Marrakech. The world is your canvas!

Kick-Starting Your Imagination

For those who need a little nudge, we’ve got a plethora of assets ready for you. Dive into our Discord server to find them. Of course, if you feel the creative muse taking you in a new direction, feel free to craft a Pepe from scratch!

The Rewards

Because every effort deserves recognition, we’re rolling out a suite of rewards:

  • 2500 in $BLUES from Blueshift.
  • 50,000 in $NMKR from NMKR.
  • Get your hands on exclusive Blueshift Pepe NFTs which you can either trade or stake to earn more Blues tokens.
  • Experience discounted minting with NMKR.

How to Participate?

The campaign will span two weeks, giving everyone ample time to brainstorm, design, and submit. Once you’re ready with your creation, head to the Pepe channel in our Discord server to share it with the world.

The Decision

What’s a contest without a little suspense? Once all entries are in, we’ll shortlist the crème de la crème. And then, the power shifts to the community! That’s right, every Blueshift member and Pepe holder gets to have their say in crowning the ultimate winner.

In conclusion, the Pepe Worlds Campaign isn’t just about fun; it’s a testament to our community’s spirit, talent, and passion. So, as we wait for the market tides to turn, let’s make some waves of our own! Dive in, explore the world of Pepe, and may the best artist reign supreme!