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What happens with earlier LQF holders?

Dec 30, 2021

One of the important points of moving to Blueshift is to make early investors happy

What is important to understand:

All LQFv2 tokens will be exchanged to BLUES
BLUES will be a Cardano native token
BLUES has a fixed maximum supply of 100 million tokens

The team will do a token generation event for BLUES in 1Q22 before the IDO, after that, the team will launch a conversion round from LQFv2 to BLUES, more technical details and guides we will announce before the launch. You can see the main differences between LQF and Blueshift tokens in the table below.

As you can see in the table, the initial capitalization of Blueshift is 5 times larger than Liquifi. So the planned exchange rate is 5 to 1 (5 LQFv2 -> 1 BLUES).
 We took into account past mistakes and developed a token distribution system that will protect all BLUES holders from e.g. the PUMP & DUMP scheme. Blues tokenomics include vesting from 12 to 36 months and cliff from 1 to 6 months. This approach helps limit the size of the free-float, which will make the price rise organically without dips. Earlier LQF holders have an initial locking period of 12 months, which is 2 times less than the team. 
BLUES receives a legal opinion in Estonia, which opens the possibility of legal token circulation, list on the top CEXs and protect all participants of the Blueshift DAO.

More about Blueshift tokenomics you can read here:

LQF holders will change tokens to BLUES, under the following conditions:

○ 5 LQF = 1 BLUES
○ 1 month initial locking period after IDO
○ initial unlock 2%
○ vesting period 12 months