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Invitation to Test Our Cross-chain Protocol, Incentivised Testnet

Feb 25, 2023

The team from Blueshift are proud to announce the launch of the BluesChain Testnet, where you can experience our revolutionary new protocol that will allow cross-chain swaps from one blockchain to another.

Our underlying blockchain, BluesChain, will be connected to various blockchains, including Cardano, Milkomeda C1, Milkomeda A1, Kava and other chains that we are yet to announce. BluesChain is built on the Cosmos SDK, which powers many high-profile blockchains and DeFi protocols in the industry.

As a user on this platform, you will have the unique ability to transfer assets from one blockchain to another without any wrapped or bridged tokens. This process increases safety since no smart contracts keep your assets in custody as some bridges do. Utilizing our platform grants users optimal efficiency and security for all asset swaps!

BluesChain Incentivised Testnet

Your input and feedback is valuable to us. As a result, we are offering 5,000 $BLUES tokens as a reward pool for participants in our testnet. As in previous testnet campaigns, we will be auditing and filtering results and ranking the feedback accordingly. More details, images and specific issues will be rewarded more. We check for multiple entries from the same IP address and other points of potential fraud and attempt to take advantage of our testnet process.

We are now ready to open our testnet environment to regular users to provide us with feedback.

Blueshift Cross-chain

  • Please visit:
  • At this point in time, we are connected to Milkomeda A1 and Milkomeda C1, which means we are staying within the EVM chains that Milkomeda has.
  • Firstly, ensure that your MetaMask wallet is setup for the testnet environments for both Milkomeda A1 and Milkomeda C1.
  • Go to the facet and fund your wallet with some test assets: Milkomeda C1 faucet.
    If the faucet is out of funds or is not working, you will have to bridge assets manually from the Cardano Testnet to the Milkomeda C1 Testnet environments. You can follow the testnet method of obtaining test assets and bridging guide.
  • Connect your EVM compatible wallet to the DEX and proceed to perform a swap.

Blueshift cross-chain swaps

  • From here you can set your From asset and your To asset. You will notice that you can choose assets on either chain as long as there is a route for the swap
  • Perform the swap

Congratulations, you have successfully performed a cross-chain swap

Next, we will perform a liquidity provisioning action.

  • Select Portfolios from the top menu
  • Choose a pool you have an asset of to be able to provide liquidity. We recommend the crosschain portfolios.
  • Click on the Add Liquidity button for the pool
  • Define the amount of liquidity you wish to add
  • Proceed with the liquidity provisioning and sign the transaction.

Congratulations, you have provided liquidity to the DEX.

If you encounter any issues or have feedback while using our service, we would love to hear it! Please give us your thoughts by utilising the feedback form:

We will close the testnet submission form on Monday, 6th March 2023, 12 PM UTC.

Type of Feedback We’re Looking For

The type of feedback the team is looking for is specific to issues that might arise from using the DEX, such as transaction errors, issues with wallet connections, routing issues or interface issues across the platform.

Errors and issues like these should be as detailed as possible to allow the team to replicate the issues and address them.

Feedback such as, “Good DEX” or “I’ve tried all the functions on the DEX, and it works great”, will not be rewarded in this case.


In conclusion, Blueshift’s launch of the cross-chain protocol, BluesChain, is a major milestone in developing the DeFi ecosystem. This technology enables users to perform trustless and secure cross-chain swaps without using wrapped or bridged tokens, as typical with many other solutions. This opens up a new world of possibilities for users who can now transact freely and securely between blockchains.

The launch of the BluesChain Testnet is just the beginning, as the team looks forward to launching on mainnet in mid-Q1 2023. With reliable cross-chain swaps, enhanced security for all transactions and access to liquidity pools, Blueshift’s BluesChain protocol has tremendous potential to revolutionize the DeFi space. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Blueshift and the wider DeFi world.

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