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NEWM Joins the Cardano Startup Index

Nov 8, 2023

The Cardano Startup Index is a spotlight for the most promising new projects within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, aiming to propel them into the broader multi-chain universe. It’s a curated platform that highlights innovation and connects these startups with a global audience and investors.

NEWM is the latest venture to join the Cardano Startup Index, introducing a revolutionary music streaming marketplace on the blockchain. They offer a platform where artists can directly sell their music to fans, fostering a closer connection and fairer revenue distribution. This model challenges traditional streaming services by eliminating middlemen, allowing artists to retain more profits and giving fans a way to meaningfully support musicians.

NEWM exemplifies the type of disruptive innovation the Cardano Startup Index aims to showcase, highlighting how blockchain can transform existing industries for the better. Their presence in the Index underscores a commitment to a future where technology enhances direct creator-consumer relationships.

Learn More About NEWM

NEWM is an innovative blockchain platform that is transforming the music industry by creating a fair and equitable space for artists and fans. Built on the Cardano blockchain, NEWM stands out by offering a decentralised music streaming marketplace that empowers artists to monetise their creations directly and transparently.

At the heart of NEWM’s mission is the belief that artists should have full control over their work, from ownership to earnings. The platform addresses key issues faced in the traditional music industry, such as unfair profit distribution and lack of control over intellectual property. By utilising the Cardano blockchain’s capabilities, NEWM ensures that artists receive immediate and fair compensation for their streams and sales, fostering a sustainable and artist-centric business model.

For music enthusiasts, NEWM provides a unique opportunity to support their favourite artists directly. Fans can buy, stream, and interact with music and artists in a way that contributes more meaningfully to the artists’ success. Additionally, NEWM introduces novel features like NFTs for exclusive content, ensuring that fans can own a piece of their favourite music in a way that’s never been possible before.

NEWM also emphasises community and collaboration, creating a space where artists can collaborate on projects, share insights, and build a network of supporters. By leveraging the power of blockchain, NEWM is not only reshaping the way we consume music but also building a vibrant and supportive ecosystem for the artists and fans of tomorrow.

Visit the NEWM website to learn more about their vision and offerings.

Learn More About Blueshift

Blueshift is a pioneering platform in the cryptocurrency space, known for its advanced portfolio and index technology that enables efficient asset management and trading. It streamlines the process of engaging with a wide array of crypto assets by bundling them into comprehensive portfolios that mirror market trends, allowing users to interact with multiple cryptocurrencies in unison. What sets Blueshift apart is its cross-chain functionality, which facilitates smooth transactions across diverse blockchain networks, breaking down barriers and broadening the scope of trading activities. This feature not only promotes a better flow of assets but also provides users with a more expansive and straightforward trading experience, solidifying Blueshift’s role in driving interoperability and connectivity in the crypto market to and from the Cardano blockchain.