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Kava Liquidity Bounty Program

We’re excited to announce the Kava Liquidity Bounty Program in partnership with Kava, Multichain and the Blueshift decentralised exchange. As Blueshift continues its expansion to various blockchains, so do our…

Mar 17, 2023

Blueshift Algorand Index

Join the Algorand Index Campaign: Help Us Find Top Projects!

The Blueshift team is creating something special and unique for the Algorand ecosystem by developing the Algorand Index. This Index represents the strength of Algorand, and we will need the…

Mar 13, 2023

Blueshift's Expansion to Kava

Blueshift’s Expansion to Kava: A New Chapter

Blueshifts Cross-chain Interoperability Goals Blueshift is a cross-chain interoperable decentralised exchange that operates on the Milkomeda Cardano C1 Side-chain for Cardano and the Milkomeda Algorand A1 Rollup for Algorand. As…

Mar 7, 2023

Invitation to Test Our Cross-chain Protocol, Incentivised Testnet

The team from Blueshift are proud to announce the launch of the BluesChain Testnet, where you can experience our revolutionary new protocol that will allow cross-chain swaps from one blockchain…

Feb 25, 2023

We've Rebranded

Introducing Blueshift’s New Brand Identity

As a leading protocol that connects various blockchain ecosystems, we have chosen to redesign the Blueshift brand with a vibrant and inclusive design solution to universally represent our goal of…

Feb 23, 2023

A New Era of Cross-Chain Interoperability: Blueshift Unveils Revolutionary Protocol

The Blueshift team have been working on pushing the boundaries of interoperable cross-chain decentralised exchange (DEX) in the decentralised finance (DeFi) space. To reach this goal, the team have built…

Feb 9, 2023