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Cardano Index is Outperforming ADA

Jun 21, 2023

The crypto markets, as a whole, have been experiencing a downturn due to recent actions taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against major players in the industry, namely Binance and Coinbase, and their affiliated entities. The SEC has filed charges, citing the sale of securities mentioned in their filings, which include SOL, ADA, MATIC, FIL, ATOM, SAND, MANA, ALGO, AXS, and COTI.

As a consequence of these developments, the price of ADA has witnessed a significant decline following the announcement, signalling a negative impact on the value of these assets.

Strength of Cardano DeFi

Nevertheless, despite the challenges faced by the crypto markets, the Cardano ecosystem continues to demonstrate remarkable resilience and strength. A clear indication of this is the increasing number of assets being locked into various decentralized finance protocols, ranging from lending platforms to decentralized exchanges. This metric, known as Total Value Locked (TVL), has shown a consistent upward trend in recent weeks.

Blueshift stands out with its unique product offering: the Cardano Index, which serves as a comprehensive representation of the Cardano ecosystem. This index comprises essential Cardano projects that effectively showcase the ecosystem’s robustness and durability. Notably, it includes tokens from prominent projects such as BLUES, VYFI, COPI, and NMKR, all of which contribute to the ongoing development and growth within the Cardano ecosystem.

The Growing Cardano Index LP Token

Looking at the price performance of the Cardano Index, it becomes clear that it is steadily gaining strength, mirroring the growth and advancements of the projects within the Cardano ecosystem. These projects are continuously expanding their offerings and enhancing the overall ecosystem for the benefit of their users.

For individuals interested in obtaining the Cardano Index LP token, there are two straightforward methods available. The first option is to directly purchase the token from VyFinance, providing a convenient pathway to gain exposure to the Cardano Index. Alternatively, users can contribute liquidity to the Cardano Index itself on the Blueshift DEX, thereby participating in the ecosystem in a more active and engaged manner.

This unique offering serves as an efficient solution for new users seeking entry into the Cardano ecosystem. By accessing a basket of tokens that has undergone thorough analysis and review by the Blueshift team and community, individuals can easily navigate and explore the Cardano ecosystem, streamlining the overall process of engagement and participation.

Getting Started with the Cardano Index

To acquire and hold Cardano Index LP tokens, we highly recommend purchasing them through our trusted partners at VyFinance, accessible at VyFinance has established a dedicated liquidity pool on their decentralized exchange (DEX) specifically for the Cardano Index LP tokens. Alternatively, you can also visit our own DEX at and directly provide liquidity there.

We have a wealth of informative articles available that provide detailed explanations about the formation of the Cardano Index and offer guidance on how to participate by providing liquidity and accessing the Cardano Index on our DEX. These articles will assist you in understanding the concept and process thoroughly, ensuring a seamless experience.